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Air Charter & Services for Your Pixels & Point Clouds


GeoPixel Air provides a full range of Air charter and Services for airborne mapping and surveying activities.

Whether you are starting out and need help finding the right aircraft platform dedicated to your mapping projects, or you need short term access to an aircraft to help handle your overflow, or you simply need some help for that new and interesting opportunity.GeoPixel Air has the experience you can rely on. We provide:

  • Aircraft Charter for Aerial Mapping Missions
  • Management, Operation & Logistical support of Flight Testing
  • Management, Operation & Logistical support of Aerial Mapping
  • Consulting Services for Finding the right aircraft or STC

Mapping Services

Our mapping and data processing services complement our air charter and services. GeoPixel has full vertical expertise and resources to oversee all aspects of your remote sensing data acquisition and processing. We have a network of established domain-expert partners who can be deployed to deliver a complete mapping solution to our customers.

  • Data Processing & Map Generation
  • Workflow Enhancement & Automation
  • Pre-Configured GIS Servers & SAN Data Storage Solutions
  • Consulting

Air Services

  • Aircraft Customizations & STC Modifications
  • Flight & Operations Management
  • U.S. & International Operations

Aircrafts & Air Charter Service

View our aircrafts available for charter. Aircrafts

Upon request, we can dedicate an aircraft and pilots solely and fully to your operations given minimum annual flight hours. Don't want the hassle of dealing with logistics or operation? Let us take care of this for you. We can handle all aspects of your fight operations including equipment pickup & installation, flight planning and logistics, project management, and even end-data product delivery.

Our aircrafts are fitted with the latest camera hatch STC modifications for the safest and most optimal remote sensing operations. Enquire about our Air Charter Rates.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services help you manage the peaks or seasonality of your business without incurring long-term costs. We can provide professional resources to augment your Engineering, Geomatics, Management, Operations, or Customer Support teams. We are here to assist you to Collect, Manage, Exploit & Produce your remote sensing products.

  • Training & Consulting
  • Demos & Installations
  • Staffing
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