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Air Charter & Services for Your Pixels & Point Clouds

Air Services

GeoPixel Air offers the following specialized Air Services:

    • Aircraft Customization & STC Modifications

      An integral part of our service offerings is Aircraft Customization Services. We have extensive experience in all aspects of aircraft acquisition, customization, and delivery.
      Our experience and expertise allows us to research and find the best STC to meet your requirementss in the most efficient manner. Aircraft customization workflow includes:

      - Consulting to assess your specific requirements
      - Aircraft acquisition & management of all legal, administrative & logistics
      - Search of STC database to retain the appropriate STC for your operations
      - Conduct STC Modifications and obtain certification
      - Installation of your airborne mapping systems
      - Test flights to ensure safety measures
      - Delivery of aircraft to your desired location

    • Flight & Operations Management

      Let us manage all aspects of your flight operations so you can focus on yor primary and core business. Think of us as a seamless and extension of your operations - ready to fly your services with proper planning. Tell us your projects and priorities and we'll arrange all aspects of flight operations including mission planning to fly during optimal weather conditions, GeoPixel Air also has can provide resources to enhance your flight related processes and operations.

    • US & International Operations

      We operate in US and Internationally through our network of partners.











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