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Air Charter & Services for Your Pixels & Point Clouds


GeoPixel Air was founded on the basic principle of providing premier Air Charter & Services to the remote sensing market.

William Chan is the founder of GeoPixel Air and serves as the President & General Manager.

William attained his formal degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Calgary in Canada. After graduation, he embarked on a career in the Aerospace industry working for such organizations as Litton (Northrop Grumman) & Lockheed Martin. His love of flying then led him to earn his Pilot License (ATR - Air Transport Rating) from Transport Canada in 1988. Will has over 5,000 of logged flying hours on a variety of aircrafts including numerous multi-engine IFR aircrafts.

Will started his first Airline operation in 1993 in Nairobi, Kenya flying Air charter tours. He sold the operation in 1998 and moved to Helsinki and spent a few years in Finland working as an Engineering consultant for a Finnish conglomerate on Enterprise Data Storage Services.

Will returned to Canada in 2000 with his family and continued his passion for Air Services business and his expertise of flight operations with the formation of GeoPixel Air.


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