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Air Charter & Services for Your Pixels & Point Clouds

Mapping & GIS Services

Our mapping services complement our air charter and services.  GeoPixel has full vertical expertise and resources to oversee all aspects of your remote sensing data acquisition and processing, we have a network of established domain-expert partners who can be deployed to deliver a complete mapping solution to our customers.

  • Data Processing & Map Generation

    Whether you need assistance with certain portion of your data processing or you require a rapid response for your mapping project, give us a call to see how we may be able to assist you.

  • Workflow Enhancement & Automation

    We can examine your workflow and offer solutions to make your mapping operation more efficient so you can get your products to the market faster and be more competetive. A few examples of workflow recommendations are: Outsourcing of non core activities, implementing third party applications to automate workflow and reduce manual operation, designing custom packages or software to enhance yor workflow.

  • Pre-Configred GIS Servers & SAN Stogare Solutions

    GeoPixel Air has extensive experience in enterprise data storage and server solution gained through years of professionla services consulting at Dell Corporation. We can help your team find and implement the right enterprise server and data storage solution for your GIS applications. Alternatively, we can gather your requirement and deliver a fully configured system, with all the necessary software, operating systems, and applications... a true Turn-key solution.

  • Consulting





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